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It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Ken Pobjoy, the former editor of Image Magazine.

Ken was a founding partner and editor of the Image magazines published by Cygnet Publications. Many of our readers will remember Ken’s comments in each edition of Image over the 20 years he served as editor. He was often accused, and some may say unfairly so, of ‘photoshopping’ his photo next to the editors comments. I suspect it’s true, after all how can one stay so young for so many years?

Ken was a man of many talents. In this office he was a business partner, the editor, an entertaining story teller, a graphic designer, junket traveller and photographer. In his private life he was a husband, father and grandfather. He was also a keen gardener, grumpy golfer and friend to many. More than once his golf clubs were seen sailing off into the bush accompanied by a verbal barrage unbecoming an esteemed editor. He had a great sense of humour.

As my business partner and good friend, we spent many hours together in the office discussing the world’s problems and I think we solved most of them. We started and nurtured Image from the early days when screen printing was the prime subject. We introduced wide format digital imaging into this region, we organised the Australasian Screen Print Awards, we introduced the Image Expo trade exhibitions with our colleague Bill Porteous, we travelled extensively. Ken liked to sit at the front of the plane, he was comfortable there.

Our conversations were many and varied and it didn’t take much to get him started again on his journey to Israel where he witnessed the launch of HP’s latex ink.

Ken was born in Melbourne, lived on Hayman Island and then settled in Perth. His working life in Perth centred on the graphic arts industry where he made many friends.

Ken died after a long illness and leaves behind his wife Barbara, children Lisa and Stewart and three grandchildren.

He will be sorely missed.

Stan Kilpin

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